Beard Love

When you think of R&R Luxury, you may automatically assume that we only cater to women. However, we love to see our men take care of themselves, especially when caring for your beard. Fellas, we know that you visit your favorite barbers weekly or bi-weekly for grooming, but what about the in-between time? What steps do you take to take care of your beards at home? Here are some simple steps to love on our beard.



Keeping your beard clean and conditioned is the most critical stage of beard grooming. This step helps to remove dirt, trapped food and prevents itchiness and dandruff. When searching for the best beard cleanser, you want to be sure to find one that is hydrating and designed for facial hair. Once done cleaning, towel dry and gently comb through your facial hair.



You moisturise the hair on your head, so why not show your beard the same love? Applying beard oil keeps your facial hair lively, hydrated, and glowing. After cleaning your beard, apply a small amount of oil, R&R Luxury Baobab Oil 😉, to your slightly damp beard, and massage it into your beard as well as your skin to wake up your pores. The results are mind-blowing!


The Art of Trimming: 

For your beard to grow to its potential, it must be shaped and trimmed. Trimming rids your facial hair of any split ends and uneven areas, making way for a fuller look. In addition, investing in the right trimmer will keep your beard in tiptop condition.


Whether you're rocking a full-grown robust beard or a light stubble, every beard is unique and needs the same amount of TLC to maintain a nice beard you and your significant other will forever love.



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