About Us

R&R Luxury is a sustainable beauty brand from Ghana, creating products that share Africa’s ancient beauty secrets with the rest of the world. Founded by Beauty Entrepreneur Valerie Obaze in 2010, just after the birth of her daughter, R&R was created to fulfil a mother’s need to give her new born child the best natural ingredients for her skin. 

The brand delivers luxury, 100% Natural Skincare, using Africa’s ancient beauty secrets for ageless skin, at an affordable price, whilst simultaneously empowering hundreds of Ghanaian women in rural communities through its supply chain.

Through an unwavering commitment to using the purest natural ingredients and a devotion to excellence in quality, R&R offers a range of luscious beauty formulations made from shea 
butter and other natural African ingredients including oils for face, body and hair; liquid and bar soaps; and lip balm. They are as good for women as for men, children and babies.

Guided by the core values of ethical sourcing, nature preservation and job creation, R&R Luxury is one of very few companies to SOURCE, MANUFACTURE, SELL AND EXPORT in Africa, creating employment for hundreds of Africans, across the entire value chain in a region with high unemployment rates and a booming youth population.

Each R&R product is an invitation to a voyage of discovery of the most beautiful versions of ourselves through the immeasurable benefits of Shea and other natural ingredients that make up nature’s gift to Africa and Africa’s gift to the world.


Our vision is to create a global beauty brand highlighting the essence of Africa’s amazing raw materials and turning them into everyday skin and body care products from Africa and the rest of the world!


Whilst sharing Africa’s beauty secrets we must be sustainable and responsible, sowing back into African soil and African people what we are taking out.