Mumma's Skin Needs Love Too 🤰🏿

Pregnancy is a beautiful time. You're experiencing new life growing within you, and you look forward to meeting this person who will change your life forever. As your hormones change and adjust to this new transition, you may notice slight changes in your skin. Your initial reaction may be to use the same products you've been accustomed to; however, some of those products may not be good during your pregnancy. So, here are a few natural beauty tips you can use during your pregnancy!

Make Hydration a Top Priority

Hydration should be a part of your current everyday life. However, during pregnancy, you will need more water than average. Staying hydrated during pregnancy can soften your skin which adds to your glow and helps maintain the right amount of amniotic fluid in you and your bundle of joy!

Moisturise Daily but Keep It Natural

During pregnancy, you notice your skin stretching and body parts growing. My goodness, the wonders of the human body! You may start to feel a bit dry and itchy during that process. It is suggested to use pregnancy-safe skincare products, and we have the remedy just for you. Our 100% natural Shea Oil comes in three different variants, but during your pregnancy, it would be best to use the Ori-Nku (Unscented) Oil as sometimes pregnant women (and newborn babies) may experience allergies to essential oils. Right in fatty acids, this Shea Oil keeps the skin well-moisturised, plump and minimises the appearance of stretch marks by increasing skin elasticity and skin regeneration.

Rest is Essential

Sleep is greatly needed during your pregnancy. A minimum of eight hours a night can help reduce puffy eyes swelling skin and keep you maintaining your healthy pregnancy glow!

Pregnancy Acne

For some, pregnancy will have you feeling like you're traveling back in time to your puberty phase when acne decides to make its presence known 😭. Where you once possibly used retinoid-based products, doctors and professionals warn you to stay away from that ingredient during this time. Not only will our Liquid Black Soap remove bacteria from the skin fighting acne, but it will also keep you moisturised and soothe irritation.

Making subtle changes to your beauty routine during pregnancy can protect your little one during this joyous time. Before going any further, be sure to consult your OB/GYN or dermatologist for guidance.

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