What’s in your Makeup Bag?

We all have makeup routines we do at home, but do you carry extra with you when out and about? From mascaras to the foundation, your makeup bag is more than likely overflowing with a little beauty team of essentials. This treasure bag goes everywhere with you: work, beach, weekend getaway, it contains all the gems for your on-the-go touch-ups. What if we are carrying around too much? Follow us as we explore what is in your makeup bag, and some of the items needed to be more functional.

Lip Butter/Balm

Our lips are an essential part of our body as it allows us to communicate with others verbally. Since they play a vital role in our lives, why not keep them well kept? Lip butter  moisturises your lips, keeps them hydrated, and gives your lips a suppler appearance.

R&R Luxury offers a lip butter made from 100% natural ingredients that will keep your lips moisturised all year round. With the combination of lavender and peppermint, your lips will be repaired and relaxed.

Photo Credit: R&R Luxury



Honey Pot Refreshing Panty Spray

I know this may seem like it is coming from left field, but this Honey Pot panty spray has many uses. Not one can you use it to keep your panties fresh, but it can also be used to freshen up your underarms, feet, and shoes. This refreshing spray is a life saver on a humid day. What is not to love about a natural spray with multiple uses!

Photo Credit: The Honey Pot Company




Want intensified eyelashes? Mascara should be in your makeup bag as it enhances your natural eyelashes with length and thickness drawing attention to your beautiful eyes.  The Lip Bar has created a strengthening mascara infused with green tea extract that will make those lashes stronger and healthier.

Photo Credit: The Lip Bar



Beauty Sponges and Mascara Wand

How could you not own a beauty blender/sponge? With its versatile use, the beauty sponge should be one of the first items your throw in your makeup bag. A beauty sponge can apply foundation, concealer, skin-care products, creams, highlighter, and even remove makeup.

Your mascara wand creates the magic you need for bold and natural eyelashes.

Ghana’s very own SO Aesthetic flawless beauty sponges and mascara wand have now entered this blog. This dynamic duo is exactly what you need for the finishing touches of your fresh beat.

Photo Credit: So Aesthetic



Setting Spray

To keep our making fresh throughout the day, the perfect setting spray is needed for the midday touchup. Thanks to Paba Cosmetics, their finishing spray will aide in ensuring our makeup does not smudge or crease. This will prolong our makeup and makes a difference in the way were maintain our look. Image you have dinner plans after work, but your makeup has died down from the morning. Simply give yourself a little spritz during the afternoon and you will look fresh by the evening.


Photo Credit: Paba Cosmetics



I do not know about you, but I like when my makeup bag is organized. I tend to carry plenty, so it makes my life easier when I can open my kit and see everything in order. Also, I do not like to get makeup all over everything in the pouch or creating unnecessary stains in the bag. Colorbox Cosmetics makes organization a breeze with these Ziploc bags. Not only are they durable, but they come in different sizes and protects everything in my bag!


Photo Credit: Colorbox Cosmetics 

Share pictures of your makeup bag and let us know what your favorite go-to product is to carry on-the-go😊.

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