Team R&R Skincare Routine by Settie.

Hi R&R Fam,

I’m Settie, marketing assistant at R&R Luxury and, I will be sharing my nighttime skincare routine with you all today! I’ve mostly been very laid back about caring for my skin at night because I didn’t previously realise how crucial giving your skin some extra love at night was.

I have a great daytime skincare routine, but when I get home, I am either too tired or feel too lazy to do anything much less care for my skin. Until I realised how much not taking my makeup off properly before bed affected my skin. My skin started breaking out, my complexion became dull and, my acne got worse!

If you want to take your skin from good to great, a consistent nighttime skincare routine might be what you need – My skin needed that!

Although I knew this was what my skin needed; I mostly struggled to stay consistent with my nighttime routine, hence I added a bit of spice to it! I start with an R&B playlist and light my Lemongrass & Ginger Scented Candle. The music and fragrance from the candle keep my mind and body relaxed.

Keep reading for more tips 😉

Caution: I use R&R Luxury products from start to finish because they are all natural and all good.


  • Remove makeup

Removing my makeup can be so much work! This is why I prefer to use Coconut Oil on a cotton ball to remove my mascara or eyeliner first. After that, I moisten another cotton ball with a few drops of Baobab Oil and gently use it over my face and neck. It works like magic!

QUICK TIP: Do this 2-3 times to remove makeup thoroughly.


  • Cleanser 

I gently wet my face with lukewarm water, pour a few drops of my Liquid Black Soap into my palms, and work it into my skin gently in circular motions, removing any excess makeup or sunscreen that I put on that morning. I also cleanse my neck during this process. Once I’m done cleansing, I rinse my face thoroughly and gently pat my face with a tissue.


  • Lip Care

Trust me! Your lips need some good loving too. I apply Lip Butter to soften and heal my chapped lips while I sleep.

PS: I love the tingly peppermint feel R&R’s Lip Butter  gives my lips while I sleep.


  • Moisturise!

Make sure to get a moisturiser that will suit your skin type and will not irritate your skin. I prefer an all-natural organic moisturiser; I use the Shea Oil (Serenity) moisturiser. I apply it to my body, face and hair.

Adding a nighttime routine to my skincare has been so great for my skin! I get it, sometimes you’ve just had a long day, and the last thing you want to do before getting in bed is to spend some time on your nighttime skincare routine.

However, adding a nighttime routine to your skincare will be so great for your skin!


Let us know what your nighttime skincare routine is in the comments!





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