Skinimalism: Simplifying your Skincare

Have you ever heard the term “less is more”? According to Pinterest, one of the key 2021 skincare trends is all about using less, and it is called Skinimalism. People are now embracing the minimalist lifestyle, and they are incorporating it into their skincare routines. Buying fewer products, wearing less makeup, and using products with fewer ingredients, the Skinimalism lifestyle can be the trend of all trends. Even Dermatologists are thrilled about Skinimalism because people are doing away with excessive products and makeup that can cause lifetime destruction to your skin.

I am sure you may have rolled your eyes at the thought of yet another trend! Thinking you may have to run out and spend money on brand new products. Well, not necessarily. Here is a fun project for you; let us start by going through the products you currently own. I bet you have items that have collected dust because you have not used them. Give those products away! This is when you should stick with the basics: cleanser, toner, eye cream, moisturiser. Getting rid of the products you no longer use allows your skin to respond to the essential outcomes effectively.
Now, if you are in the market for new products that fall in line with Skinimalism, look no more! When it comes to your products, you want to ensure you are using brands that use fewer ingredients which still packs a mighty punch for your skin. Here are some of our products you should add to your new Skinimalism lifestyle.


Baobab Oil

Our Baobab Oil is not only fast-absorbing, but it also only has one ingredient, Adansonia (Pure Baobab Oil).


Ori-nku shea oil

This luxurious oil was made with only shea oil; which makes it 100% natural and leaves your skin smooth and supple.


Coconut Oil 

R&R Luxury’s Virgin Coconut Oil aids in sunburn relief and is a natural moisturiser.

Committing to using solid natural products is the best for your skin. To get started on a routine, you should focus on one skin issue at a time and build your way up. Consistency is the absolute most crucial part of your skincare. It does not matter how much or how little you use. If you lack consistency, nothing will work.

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