Self Care…Which Team Are You On?

Self care and wellness requires a holistic approach which feeds the mind, body and soul. From maintaining a good diet, to regularly exercising and taking care of your skin, your mental and physical health should always be your topmost priority.

For some people, hitting the gym is one of the ways to destress, feel relaxed and rejuvenated, while for others, indulging in a skin care routine serves as a form of self care. Whether you’re #TeamFitFam or #TeamSkinCare (or both), what matters most is you have found your happy space!

For our gym lovers, you should be aware that all the sweat poured out during gym sessions is good (because you really are going hard 💪) but can end up giving your skin a dull look.

Image from Best Body Africa

So, grab your sticky notes and let’s get started…

  1. It is very important to not wear makeup to the gym or when doing your workout routines at home. This is because the sweat produced opens up the pores on your face and can get clogged by the heavy makeup applied. As a pre gym skincare routine, give your face a lift by applying a few drops of Baobab Oil so that your face doesn’t feel dry - note that this won't make you feel extra sweaty or sticky.

BUT.. not everyone feels super comfortable going to the gym with their bare face or has enough time to remove their make up before hitting the treadmill. If that’s the case, right after your session, use Shea Butter Soap as a cleanser to remove impurities or Shea Sugar Scrub as an exfoliator to unclog pores and set your face.

  1. Always remember to wash your hands thoroughly before touching your face. It is very easy to pick up dirt especially from workout equipment. So, right after working out, washing and cleaning your fingers, palms and arms is advised to prevent the transfer of dirt onto your face.  After, squeeze an ample amount of R&R Moisturising Hand Sanitiser to kill any germs and still keep your hands moisturised ( this is also a preventive measure during the COVID-19 period)

  1. As a post workout skincare routine, make sure you are cleansing with Liquid Black Soap to wash away any impurities, exfoliating to unclog pores due to skin opening up from sweat being produced and most importantly giving your skin the right texture and form by moisturising your face.
  2. AS ALWAYS...make sure you stay hydrated by drinking lots of water as it cools your body down during and after the workout session and simultaneously, gives your skin a natural glow. As your skin is a reflection of what you take in feeding it, the more water, the more glow!

Whether you are #TeamFitFam or #TeamSkinCare, you are still #TeamSelfCare which means you are sticking to a routine which makes you feel good ALL THE TIME!

Fitness Image from Best of Africa.

Ivy, Team R&R Intern

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