Leave the Hair Frenzy Behind! Benefits of Shea Oil for all Hair Types.

Many of us struggle with breakage, dryness, and itching when it comes to our hair. You may have used just about every product on this planet, trying to find the best solution. We can even bet you watched a few YouTube tutorials on what could work, but the results were underwhelming. Well, look no further; shea oil is here to meet all your hair needs, including the ones you did not know you needed.

Let us start with the origin of shea oil. Shea Oil derives from shea butter, which is the fat extracted from the African shea tree's nuts. Though known to protect and rejuvenate the skin, shea butter also has properties that assist with dry and brittle hair. Shea oil helps to bring back moisture and suppleness to your hair.

Though it can be used for all hair types, shea oil is more beneficial to those at a constant battle with dull and dry hair.

Adds Luminosity and Shine…You’ve got the GLOW

Image dealing with dull hair for years and not know what magic solution to use. Shea oil is here to save the day. It restores your natural shine and adds a beautiful glow. Let us not forget that it prevents pesky split ends. Not all superhero products wear capes. 😉

Softens hair

Rich in Vitamin E, fatty acids, and minerals, shea oil, can soften your hair, making it easy to detangle and style. No more ripping and pulling at your hair. Just add a little to your hair, massage, and began to work on your hair in sections. Those elements will make it easier for you and prevent breakage.

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration!!

Not only is shea oil filled with all the vitamins and minerals you did not know you needed, but it also has water-binding properties that give your hair the hydration it needs. Hydrating your hair treats and prevents damage from heat and chemicals, split ends, dryness, and frizz.

Scalp. It needs love too

What is hair love without pampering your scalp? With its anti-inflammatory properties, shea oil fights dandruff, improves scalp conditions, and gives your hair a healthier environment to grow. Take a small amount to your scalp and massage to awaken the hair follicles. Who does not enjoy a nice massage?

P.S: If you are allergic to nuts, you should avoid shea oil.

Share your tips and tricks with shea oil and let us know about your hair journey!

Nahema, Team R&R Intern

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