It’s Body Butter Balm Baby.

At R&R Luxury, we pride ourselves on being a natural plant-based skincare brand with the philosophy of transforming one of nature's purest and richest gifts – Shea Butter – into elegant beauty products that moisturise and renew the skin. We are always thinking of new and exciting ways to use our star ingredient (shea) and our Body Butter Balm provides an easy and fun way of moisturising on the go.

Our on-the-go Body Butter Balm provides amazing moisturising benefits for the skin (just like our other shea-based products). However, we're giving you a new way of applying it to your body - hands-free. Now don't get us wrong, there is nothing wrong with using clean hands to apply your oils and butter, but since we made this Body Butter Balm to be kept in your handbag, car, and home-office desk, we wanted to give you a new option of applying to your skin 😉

Application is super easy. Just push the base of the balm stick upwards and apply directly to the skin and close the lid. Super Simple!

Watch this video for 5 easy ways you can use it!

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