Hands & Face: We Are Here for Your Protection!

For nearly ten years (R&R turns 10 October), R&R Luxury has provided shea -based products to protect and rejuvenate your skin’s health. From liquid black soap to lip butter, our brand continues to share the gift of Africa’s natural resources with the rest of the world.

With the spread of COVID-19 worldwide, various health organisations have given instructions on how to protect ourselves with masks, hand washing & sanitiser. We have listened and wanted to provide a solution for our wonderful customers.

We are proud to announce that R&R Luxury is now going beyond protecting your skin, we want to help protect you in other phases of your life and do our part in trying to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus.

Say hello to the two new members of the R&R product line: Face Masks & Moisturising Hand Sanitiser.

R&R Luxury Masks

Made from 100% cotton, our reusable face masks are breathable and designed to be worn in numerous environments to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. They are lightweight and available in 3 different sizes for adults, as well as two sizes for children to ensure the safety of your household.

Unlike some other masks, ours have adjustable fabric ear loops and nose boning making it easier for the mask to contour your face. Though not medically graded, they include 3 layers and a filter and are designed to prevent the spread of transmissible viruses and germs, providing a way to protect those around you.

Hand Sanitiser

As lockdown restrictions in many countries are now coming to an end, it is even more important than ever to keep ourselves safe when venturing outside of the house. Keeping your hands extremely clean is crucial during this pandemic. Though soap and water are ideal, using them is not always possible, especially outdoors. Thanks to hand sanitiser, this fills the void of having to find a facility with soap and water.

Our research and development team having been working around the clock to create an effective hand sanitiser that includes some of R&R Luxury’s DNA – Shea Butter. Our Moisturising Hand Sanitiser contains 72% alcohol and is 99% effective in killing germs and includes Shea Butter and Aloe Vera (to keep your hands moisturised at all times) and Lemongrass Essential Oil (for a refreshing scent and it’s strong anti-bacterial properties).

This anti bacterial gel will keep your hands clean while you’re on the go and our 100ml sized bottle will easily fit into your handbag, car, office & home.

The R&R Hygiene Care Kit

This kit comes packed in our signature R&R canvas bag and includes one re-usable face mask and one 100ml bottle of R&R Moisturising Hand Sanitiser!

Shop now and stay safe, the R&R way!

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