From the Fruit to the Nut to the Butter: The Shea Process

Have you ever thought about what goes into making the shea butter that we all know and love?

From the fruit, to the nut and all the steps in between until we get the butter - here’s the shea butter processing steps in one picture...

Shea goes through a total of 8 stages before we get to the luxuriously smooth butter that is simply AMAZING for the skin. Our production manager at The WSDP Village, Hafiz, explains each step of the shea process here... 

  1. Shea-fruits: de-pulp, boil and dry into husk (nut in its case).
  2. Husk nuts: de-husk into nuts, sort and dry.
  3. Shea-nuts: wash, dry and crush.
  4. Crushed nuts: dry and roast.
  5. Roasted nuts: grind or mill into paste.
  6. Nut paste: knead and skim into crude butter.
  7. Crude butter /emulsion: cook emulsion, skim-off dirt and collect oil. After that, filter the oil and stir. Solidification takes place turning it into shea butter.
  8. Shea butter (Yay)

EVERY R&R product (minus our pure Baobab & Coconut Oils) contains shea butter - it is our key ingredient and we LOVE IT.

What's your favourite R&R shea product? Let us know in the comments...

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