Four Black Owned Brands We Love!

We spy with our little eye,👀 four brands that are black-owned, natural, filled with herbs and goodness, and give your body all the joys in life! This product combo will cover every inch of your body and will leave you to feel oh so fresh and clean. Even the picture screams Black Girl Magic!

Time to luxuriate🛀🏿!


R&R Luxury

As most of you may know…R&R Luxury Founder, Valerie Obaze, created this luxurious brand back in 2010. After giving birth to her daughter, she knew she wanted to create a natural and clean skincare line that catered to all ages at an affordable price. R&R Luxury uses the power of shea butter, to cleanse your body and face in the form of liquid black soap. The beauty of this soap is that it does it without stripping moisture from your skin.

R&R Luxury prides itself on being a plant-based skincare line, offering the ancient beauty secrets of Africa, and is sure to send you each product with love!


Charlotte Mensah

Mixed with the goodness of Manketti Nut and Ximenia Oil, founder, and hairdresser extraordinaire, Charlotte Mensah, created a hair care line to give your natural hair the maintenance and care it deserves. From kinky to curly hair, Charlotte Mensha Manketti Oil products meet the needs of all hair types using organic, luxurious, and sustainable oils that deliver nourishment to your hair, all while moisturizing.

From shampoos to oils, to even candles, Charlotte Mensah provides you with a whirlwind of products to meet your self-care needs.


The Honey Pot Company

After suffering from bacterial vaginosis for months, founder Bea Dixon decided that enough was enough. With the help of the guidance of her ancestors, Bea created a fresh and plant-based vaginal wash filled with all the herbal ingredients you probably did not know you needed.

The Honey Pot Company’s products are created with love and without chemicals, toxins, or artificial fragrances. They are made for you to feel fresh and aid in healing from infections.

The brand not only provides vaginal washes, from wipes, menstrual pads, to boric acid, but The Honey Pot Company also covers everything you need to keep your vagina happy. Are you a traveler? You would be pleased to know that you will not have to leave home without your travel-sized vaginal wash!

The beauty of this brand is it fits a variety of needs and is accessible in a variety of local stores. Be sure to follow The Honey Pot today to find your nearest location.


Mielle Organics

The former registered nurse turned CEO/Founder, Monique Rodriguez, decided to create a hair-care brand where she shares her passion and regimen with the world. Featured on multiple television shows, Mielle Organics is the hair-care line that provides your hair with a unique blend of herbs and minerals needed for your hair, skin, and nails.  The beauty of this brand is that it meets the needs of all hair types, is lightweight, and gives your hair the moisture it desires. Also, remember that beauty comes from within, Mielle Organics also provides vitamins for children and adults that offer the nutrients and minerals to aid in healthy skin and hair.

Because Mielle Organics gained such a huge following, it is now distributed in a plethora of stores, possibly one near you.


Stop what you are doing and run to purchase your products today 🏃🏿‍♀️💨!


Nahema, Team R&R Intern

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